Singer Boss MOG opts to ‘selling Charcoal’ as Coronavirus strikes hard in artistes’ pockets

Tough Times

Singer Boss MOG teams up with Vixy Chosen in new song Noma, amid the Coronavirus pandemic

Singer Boss MOG from the now defunct gospel group MOG has teamed up with youngster Vixy Chosen on hit song Noma, which talks about the tribulations brought about by the spread of Coronavirus.

The two combine their vocal abilities in the song that clearly articulates the challenges people are experiencing both in the city and in the villages.

In the song, Boss MOG plays the role of a big brother who is in the city and his social media posts show that everything is going on well, while Chosen is his young brother who lives in the village but wants to come stay in the city where things look okay.

Tough Times

“Hello mambo vipi umetususia family nzima nyumbani inakuulizia. Mitandaoni unang’aa kama nyota. Hali sio shwari kijijini mdogo wako naomba nije mjini, basi niambie nije lini mama amezidiwa napoteza tumaini,” sings Vixy.

Boss MOG responds singing, “Kwani hujasikia vile Mjini kunoma tumevaiwa na Corona nitajibanza nikiuona wewe, tafadhali usikuje. Bado mapato yangu madogo haikidhi mahitaji yangu naombaunielewe mama asiniachie laana najikaza kinyama.”

Boss MOG has been forced to ‘sell Charcoal’ in order make ends meet due to effects of COVID-19 that has paralyzed lots of activities around the world.

In the 4-minute video, the two singers show their might in harmony as they sing the chorus together as Boss promises to work hard and send home what he can be able to.

Safri Records

The song "Noma" has been produced by Safri records, a record label initiated by singer cum entrepreneur Ephantus Kamau aka Ephantus Safari.

Safri Records, is one of the fastest growing record labels in Kenya with musicians like David Wonder, Dar Mjomba under its wings. The record Label boasts of a state of the art studio situated at Spur Mall,2nd flr RM S21 along Thika Road, Exit 13. The studio producers vary depending with the style or genre of music.

Click HERE to watch the Noma video


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