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Kenyan sponsor embarrasses his foreign woman after leaking her raw photos

Mtawacha kutuma nudes lini? A Ugandan lady has apparently gone into hiding after her Kenyan sponsor leaked her naked photos online.

Ugandan bebe, Hellen Tomusange whose nudes are making rounds on social media

The man went ahead to share the photos on different social media platforms to show off the intimate pictures his Ugandan babe had been sending him.

As expected team mafisi was ready to circulate the photos which led the Ugandan bebe, Hellen Tomusange to disappear and delete her social media handles.

According to the rumors going around no one understands what triggered the sugar daddy to leak the photos, where else most are usually too greedy to share.


However, the lady must have definitely wanted huge favors from her Kenyan man as she opted to send him her nudes which showered off her face too.

This is not the first time a 'sponsor' is leaking his woman's photos to ruin her reputation. Anyway... Click here to view the photos


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