Anita Nderu confuses Team Mafisi with steamy bikini pics

Moto kama pasi!

Taking a break from her busy schedule at Capital and at NTV, Anita accompanied her boyfriend on a visit to Lamu which hosts Old Town Lamu which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The two rode on donkeys which are a common means of transport in the town and also got to enjoy their stay at Forodhani House in Lamu.

Whilst there, Anita didn’t shy away from flaunting her sensational body in various bikini pics.

Pictures which drove the notorious Team Mafisi nuts and some of the comments on the comment section were just crazy.

Here are a few:

Si ningekuwa tu iyo mchanga

I can take booze shots on that midriff.

Would love to invite you to zanzibar island

If your left leg was Christmas and your right leg was New Year's, could I come visit you between the holidays?

Never forget you are my crush...all time


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