This is Ess differs with ex-husband on posting daughter’s photos

The NTV presenter and her ex are not on the same page.

Sharon and Lonina (Courtesy)

After months of hiding her daughter’s face, fans were pleasantly surprised when This Is Ess’ ex-Husband Lonina Leteipan revealed the face of their daughter for the first time.

Lonina who had not been active on social media after his account was hacked made a grand comeback by sharing their daughter’s photos.

But although Lonina has shown enthusiasm about showing off his gorgeous daughter to the world, his ex-wife Sharon has categorically stated that she is uncomfortable sharing photos of their daughter. In fact, fans will never see the little tot.

Speaking on her YouTube Channel, Sharon said “I decided to create such a clear line between the things I’m happy to talk about and let the world into and the things I am preserving as my own. The things I’m not budging on. Like it’s non-negotiable. That you (fans) don’t get to have a say in, we don’t get to talk about. That’s why I don’t bring her up…I like it like that.”

She disclosed at some point she was really excited about sharing photos of little Naila but that desire disappeared. “I no longer feel the need to share or involve others. That’s for me and for her one day if she cares to see but it’s for me.”

Private relationships

The ‘Living with Ess’ host also disclosed that Naila is not the only thing she is keeping away from the glare of publicity. Her relationships are a no-go zone too.

“My relationships is one thing you will never get to hear me say heaps about ever again. That’s just how I feel at this point in time. When it comes to things that matter so deeply to me, I want to keep them close to myself and to the people that care for me and I care for deeply in this world. I just want to keep that circle small. That’s why you don’t get to see her, learn about her (Naila) I just might talk about my motherhood journey coz that’s my journey but things to do with her, that’s her business it’s between me and her and the people closest to her. I am choosing to keep that private…We don’t get to discuss that,” she added.


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