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Diamond’s kids ditch him hours after public cuddle with Hamisa Mobetto

Things Falling Apart

Both Tiffa and her brother Nillan were following only six accounts on Instagram; that of their parents and their step-brothers. But as it is now, the number has reduced to five after they unfollowed their father Chibu Dangote aka Diamond.

On October 5, 2017, Zari also pulled the same move after she took to her Instagram account and Unfollowed Diamond and went ahead to delete all the photos that they had ever shot together.


Over the weekend the WCB CEO and his second baby Mama Hamisa Mobetto attended the Sinema Zetu Awards ceremony and hour’s later videos surfaced online showing the two embracing each other.

The MC’s of the night called both Hamisa and Diamond on stage to give out an Award. The Maker of “Waka Waka” was the first one to step on stage before welcoming Hamisa with a tight hug.

“Nashukuru sana kupata hii nafasi, lakini kwanza wacha niseme umependeza sana. Nashukuru kwa kuwa hapa na mimi, naamini hata mtoto wetu kama anatutizama anafuraha Zaidi,” said Diamond.


However, on a separate occasion (In the same Event) the MC’s of the Night asked Hamisa to name the man who had dressed well for the event.

“Katika angalia angalia yako, kwa usiku huu wa leo ni nani mwanaume ambao ametokelezea kuliko wote ni nani na umefurahia uwepo wake?” asked the host.

“Diamond Platinumz,” Hamisa Mobetto replied.


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