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TV presenter's former househelp spills beans on toxic boss

She grabbed the wig, threw it to my face, slapped me and then sacked me on the spot,” the housekeeper narrated.

Marion Obunga

Marion Obunga a housekeeper went viral after sharing her struggles while working for different clients in Nairobi.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, August 3, Marion said that being a househelp is challenging and can be detrimental to one’s mental health.

My name is Marion Obunga. I'm 33 years old na nimefanya job ya housegirl for at least 7 years. Nimepitia the worst experiences na nimevumilia vitu the average worker hawezi. We live in people's homes and become their slaves. Na pia salary huwa ni kama tu matusi. Still, tunajikaza,” she started.


A TV presenter, a wig and a slap

Marion recalled that in 2018, she worked for one of Kenya’s top TV personalities who denied her off days and had stringent rules for her to follow.

"She once had an event in Westlands na akanishow nimpelekee a certain wig urgently. Traffic was bad na nilikuwa ndani ya Uber. Nikachelewa kufika na the moment I arrived, she grabbed the wig, threw it to my face, slapped me and then sacked me on the spot. Sikuwai lipwa salary,” the housekeeper narrated.

Embarrassing acts

Marion also recalled working for a couple who would force her and other housegirls to watch strange sexual acts.


She added that after the embarrassing ordeal the househelps would then be forced to clean up the mess left behind.

Luckily, they paid better. But I eventually quit tu. Ilikuwa hell,” she said.

Scorned wife

In 2019, Marion worked for a couple who became the subject of news reports after a shootout ensued at their home.

She explained that the man’s wife had discovered that he was cheating and later conspired with thugs to teach him a lesson.


However, it appeared that the husband was aware of his wife’s plan and sought the help of police officers who laid a trap for the thugs.

The moment majamaa walifika, cops stormed into the house. It was the bloodiest, noisiest shootout nishaawai ona,” she recalled.

Rich Politician

Last year, I worked for this rich politician couple for eight months and hiyo time yote, sikuwa allowed kuwa na simu. Nilikaa mteja for 243 days. I didn't contact anyone for all that long. Na sikuwa ata allowed kutoka iyo nyumba. Ama ata kuongea na a member of that family,” Marion began.


She added that when the family would go out, she would be left in the car as her employer enjoyed time with the family.

After hours of playing, Mama anaingia Chicken Inn ama KFC na watoto, Mzee anaingia a bar next door, mimi naambiwa nikangoje kwa gari. I would wait for hours. Na sijakula ata kitu. Later naletewa remains za chipo,” she explained.

The 33-year-old mother is currently working on a book in which she narrated the life of a housegirl and hope that well-wishers will help her publish the book.

She concluded that house girls deserve to be paid well and be treated with respect.


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