What’s up people! #UhondoMtaani is back for another refreshing and exciting run for 2020. We definitely are aware that you missed this segment that was your Friday companion last year, and without wasting any more time, well get straight to the business of the day.

K24's Anjlee Gadhvi dies

K24 News Anchor Anjlee Gadhvi
K24 News Anchor Anjlee Gadhvi

The news of K24 Anchor Anjlee Gadhvi’s death broke on Friday afternoon, after she succumbed to cancer.

Ms Gadhvi, who always shared details of her recovery journey, passed on while undergoing treatment at the Aga Khan hospital.

A few hours before her death, the news anchor shared the prayer of St Francis of Assisi which is also known as the ‘Prayer of Peace’

In August last year, Anjlee in a tweet said that she found it hard to explain to her five year-old daughter why she was leaving the country for treatment.

According to her, she was going to be out of the country for at least two weeks as she underwent specialized medical care.

I don’t know whether I should be sharing this clip or not. But since cancer is the discussion I think it’s important to share how I find it hard to explain to my 5 year old why I have to leave her for 2 weeks to seek specialised treatment out of the country. #cancer,” she wrote.

Maureen Waititu on battling depression

Maureen Waititu breaks silence on separation with baby daddy Frankie Justgymit
Maureen Waititu breaks silence on separation with baby daddy Frankie Justgymit

YouTuber Maureen Waititu disclosed that she battled depression after separating with her boyfriend and father to her kids.

Ms Waititu had in an earlier interview disclosed that the separation took her to a dark place as the events leading to the breakup with Frankie tainted her self-esteem.

The mother of two stated that the breakup was tough and it got her into a state of not even knowing how to react to what was going on.

Ms Waititu said she went on to become deliberate about her healing and sought the help of a psychologist and a psychiatrist and she was doing well, and was still on medication.

I was deliberate in my healing, I went to see a psychologist, I went to see a psychiatrist and I’ve been doing very well. I’m on medication and I’m not afraid to say it. Seek help,” she added.

This comes a few weeks after Maureen disclosed that she parted ways with Frankie long before going public with their separation.

Is Zari Hassan dating this gym instructor?

Zari Hassan’s message to stalkers after unmasking the Gym instructor she is allegedly dating
Zari Hassan’s message to stalkers after unmasking the Gym instructor she is allegedly dating

Ugandan socialite and business woman Zari Hassan sent a message to stalkers who have been restlessly working to unmask the gym instructor she is allegedly dating.

The mother of five spoke after the stalkers revealed the identity of the man identified as Cedric Anthony Fourie.

Zari in her message, asked Tanzanian bloggers and gossip sites to go slow with the rate at which they were trying to reveal information on Cedric.

She went on to say that they had crossed the lines with the information they had shared, adding that she is their person and they should respect Cedric, her alleged new man.

Compliments of the year and hoping y’all enjoyed the season. May I request tupunguze namna mnafatilia Cedric. It’s out of line with the level of stalking you are doing. I’m your person not him. Lets not cross the line. Santeni sana,” wrote Zari Hassan.

This could have been prompted by reports by some gossip pages that Cedric is bisexual and has been dating gay South African YouTuber and media personality Lasizwe Dambuza.

#UhondoMtaani however, understands that the stalkers have genuine concern because Cedric is the third man Zari has introduced as a possible King Bae. So Boss Lady si atuweke sawasawa?

Dr Ofweneke welcomes a bouncing baby girl

Dr Ofweneke and his girlfriend welcomed bouncing baby girl
Dr Ofweneke and his girlfriend welcomed bouncing baby girl

Comedian Sande Bush alias Dr. Ofweneke and his girlfriend have welcomed a new born into their family named Eisley Favor Sande.

A thankful Dr. Ofweneke shared the good news via his Instagram page promising to do everything within his capacity to provide for his daughter and ensure she is accorded a decent life.

“ Today,Mummy,I wanna find the right words to say about your arrival but well I can’t 😭😭😭😭 How can I thank God for you, After full 9 months you arrived in style winking your eye not knowing am your father, Everybody is excited of your arrival including your elder sisters Faith & Debbie but more is your mum and I.....As your father I promise to drop the sky for you, clean the streets for you, lead you, protect you, defend you, feed you, spoil you and more so to bring you up in the ways of God. Welcome to the world Baby Eisley Favor Sande 😘😘😘😘😘😘 N.B ~ I WILL PROTECT YOU FROM ANY BRAYO,MWAS,KEVO,JOHNTES AND BARRY, AND THE AMAZING TEAM AT @rfh_healthcare LED BY DR.LILIAN AND THE WHOLE TEAM FOR MAKING SURE A SAFE DELIVERY!! YA’LL KNOW I LOVE CLASS AND I WOULDN’T MAKE IT A HOSPITAL OF CHOICE OF THEY WEREN’T SO ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING MY DAUGHTER TO THE WORLD IN STYLE!!,” wrote the Comedian.

The news of the KTN presenter welcoming a new born comes weeks after he officially introduced his girlfriend to the world on December 7th 2019.

#UhondoMtaani congratulates the Ofweneke’s for the new addition to the family.

Vera Sidika introduces father to the world

Vera Sidika introduces her father to the world as he turns a year older
Vera Sidika introduces her father to the world as he turns a year older

Whenever #UhondoMtaani promises something, we deliver. Socialite cum business woman Vera Sidika on Monday used her Insta-stories to introduce her father to the world while celebrating his Birthday.

Ms Sidika put up short videos documenting the birthday celebrations with one clip capturing her father who was in a jovial mood upon turning a year older.

Vera’s dad who happens to be a Manchester United fan, was surprised with a beautiful cake bearing his favorite team's logo.

This was the first time the public got a glimpse of Ms Sidika’s Dad as she rarely talks about him.

“I’m a daddy’s girl ...Happy Birthday Dad. I love you,” shared Vera Sidika.

She added that; “So its my Dad’s Birthday and this is his favorite team so I hope he likes”

We all know that a new year comes with new things. Vera is leading by example, showing us things we didn’t know about her.

Willis Raburu comes to wife’s defense

 Willis Raburu and his wife
Willis Raburu and his wife

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu recently disclosed that they lost their unborn child.

His wife then said that she had given up on God for abandoning her when she need Him the most. She went on to say; “Everyone is so quick to tell me about God… What they don’t know is that every way I knew Him was tested and He didn’t prove Himself. So as they say you should know God for yourself, I now can say, I don’t know Him. And I don’t think I want to know him coz He left me when I needed him the most.

Willis Raburu came out to defend his wife Marya Prude, after her ‘giving up on God’ remarks that became the topic of discussion on various social media platforms.

Raburu said that it was okay for someone to be themselves when in pain, because it is the only way one can heal.

He went on to state that by doing so, it is the only true way that even he can heal from the pain he is enduring.

It’s ok to be you when you are in pain, I think that’s the only true way you will heal. The only true way I will heal!” read the 10 over 10 host’s post.