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Wahu Kagwi strongly advises young lovers

Motherly advice indeed!

In her long post, she told young women and men to stick to their youthful relationships despite the financial constraints that they may face.

The mother of two advises ladies to stick to their youthful boyfriends even if they are not rich adding that the relationship is usually based on love as opposed to material gains.


Her tactful advice comes at a time when young girls are opting for older men ‘sponyos’ who are financially stable.

The ‘sweet love’ hit maker insists to young ladies that the’ young man’ is not financially unstable but ‘not yet there financially’. Wahu added that it is impossible to put a price tag on the value of true love.

She lectures young men to value their girls and treat them well because they may be the ones who will propel them into their purpose.

The talented singer challenges young men to show pride in their girlfriends’ achievements and accomplishments.

"Dear young couple. Support each other's ambitions and dreams. Be each other's cheer leader in this journey of life. Uphold, don't tear down. Encourage don't crush. And you will be surprised just how far you will go.” Wahu concluded.


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