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Wema Sepetu emotionally opens up on her miscarriage

All the Best Wema Sepetu

While speaking to Ijumaa Wikendi, Wema said she miscarried over a month ago and only opened up about it recently.

Wema revealed that she lost the pregnancy while it was two old stating that she has toiled and even woken up at night to pray. She has fasted and stayed awake all night long praying. The model said she has now decided to appreciate and love other people’s kids.

The actress has always been open to share her struggle trying to get a child. She revealed that she has been trying to get a baby since she was 24 years old until now she is 29 years old.


Wema has been trying to carry a baby to full term but has not succeeded. Two years ago, she lost a pregnancy of twins who were 13 weeks old.

Three years ago she shared a long emotional post, Wema said that she would have loved to have a child but unfortunately she’s not able.

This issue of getting a child has bothered me so much. It pains because I love kids very much and I loved to me called a mother. I have struggled a lot to ensure I succeed in this struggkle but it has become impossible.

It reached a point I hated my situation and after a long suffering I had to leave it all to God but I haven’t given up on the issue.”

She has always showed love and affection to children and often at times she shares pictures of them.


She denied claims that she was carrying Diamond’s child affirming that it belonged to someone else and clarified that she and Diamond are just friends.

Owing to her love for kids, she has disclosed that she will open two shopping malls for selling kids clothes exclusively. The shops will be known as ‘Little Sweetheart’. She revealed that she will be opening them soon.


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