Prezzo does something unusual that he has NEVER done with the 7 women he dated and dumped

The beautiful Michelle Yola must have completely ‘stolen’ the heart of Prezzo to make him do whatever she wishes.


Prezzo has dated and dumped a record 7 pretty women (excluding Michelle Yola); Huddah Monroe, Sheila Mwanyigah, Daisy Kiplagat, Joy Wanjohi, Tanzanian socialite Chaga, Naz Nassir and Goldie (she died before Prezzo dumped her.)

Watch the video below for more information about the 7 women Prezzo has dated:

7 Girls That Prezzo Has 'Dated' (Huddah Monroe & More)

Of all women Prezzo has had romantic relationship with, only Michelle Yola seems to have smitten his heart with enough love to conquer his thoughts and actions.

Yola is making her bad boy fiancée do things he didn’t do with other chicks he dated and dumped like trash.

Prezzo has several tattoos on his body, his dad’s face is the most conspicuous. Never before has Prezzo tattooed the name of a chick he’s dating on his body.

But he has done it anyway, for Michelle Yola of course. Prezzo has inscribed the name ‘Yola’ on his hand while his fiancé has also tattooed the name ‘Ngechu’ (Prezzo’s real name is Jackson Makini Ngechu) on her hand.

But the interesting question is what if they break up, will Prezzo rub off Yola’s name from his hand or vice versa?

The lovebirds also revealed their next projects as they were showing off their newly done tattoos. Watch the clip below:


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