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Did Huddah Monroe just admit to having sex with the 'Carol' hitmaker? (Screenshot)

Before he shared a stage with Chris Brown last year, Wizkid a.k.a StarBoy had been in the country previously to perform at the African Dance Party at the Carnivore grounds in 2014.

Huddah Monroe recently

Unlike last year where he didn’t spend some time in the country, 2014 saw him hang out with some of the hottest Kenyan women including Victoria Kimani and Huddah Monroe.

Huddah even shared a photo getting a light smooch form the ‘King of Surulere’ during one of their hang out sessions.

Which must have been a dream come true for the Kenyan socialite who had revelaed countless times that she as a huge fan of Wizkid and she finds him attractive.

Her recent declaration that she adores Wizkid as a hit maker seem to have irked one user .The person claimed that the reason that she is praising Wizkid’s music is not  because he is talented but because she is just trying to smash.


“Make u just shut up your mouth. If you wan f**k ham make your talk instead dey put that boy head for where him no dey…al dat1 music abi noise. The boy gets money so if yu wan f**k am make you just go ahead and stop giving jo credit.” he wrote.

Translation: Just shut up. If you want to have sex with him make your case known instead of heaping praises on him when he doesn’t  deserve it. His music is just noise. Wizkid has money if you want to have sex with him just go ahead insisted of giving him credit which he doesn’t deserve.

Huddah on the other hand had a comeback that the man did not expect. ”LMFAO! if na f**k we done finish am! Now is reality we de talk.” Translation: If it’s about sex we have already had it. Now we are speaking facts about his music.


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