Sell your Phone and get some food- Zari tells fans who asked her for money

No Chills!!!

A lady identified as Virginia Cheezurmah commented on Zari’s post pleading with her to assist her some money to buy food.

“We have not had food for almost three days just becos I’ve used most of my little savings to pay my siblings school fees. Seeing them hungry hurts a lot as we have no one to assist us just my waitress job in a small restraurant. Pls help us with anything so we can get some food stuff to survive with this period, Thank you for taking time to read n for ur kind understanding” reads the request from Virginia to Zari.

The request got The Boss Lady’s attention but she was reluctant to help her, with an explanation that she was going without food yet she can still afford to buy Data and own a Smartphone.

“@cheezurmah but you have a smart phone and data? Sell the phone off 1st and get some food hun” replied Zari Hassan.

The response got the attention online users who also expressed their concerns in line with her response.

User Jay Maudaku differed sharply with Zari, terming her response has rude “Shogaangu dharau iko kwenye damu, mtu kaja kukuomba msaada tena kakuelezea shida yake kistaarabu mjibu kistaarabu au kama huna hela au huwezi msaidia unaacha sio lazima ujibu,, eti auze simu, hyo simu kama kaazima ??? bosslady una majibu ya shombo khaaa!

Another user taught that the lady was a pretender who wanted to soliciting money in pretense “Yan kwa alichoongea zari kwa mwenye akili ameelewa what she mean but kwa wapuuzi mtaona kaongea vibaya na kwa kashfa na kejeri try to think first before posting things DAT z ,she know how life is that y she answered like that way. WELL SAID ”

Madme Rafikii said “Ni kwel una njaa utanunua bando badala ununue bamia ukoroge ule na ugal,sio mbaya mwambien boss wenu amsaidie”

Zari Best added that “anotherxyap na kwa mewenye shida that is an encouragement answer u can't have bundle for commenting on someone post while ujala siku tatuu what a stupid thought of that person fyuuuu SAFI SANA "

hawanhussy “Am starting to think DAT u want zari to pay u ....first of all nobody can go online hungry just waiting for  to post and beg so sometimes before thinking of sending yo fake accounts to attack zari use yo common sense coz zari is savage herself and hope u won't die of running stomachs these days coz of zari's replies anyway u r zari's fan in denial."

Do you think Zari was right to give such a response or the lady was not genuine?


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