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Zari blasts fan who accused her of exposing her kids to danger

Zari has come under fire.

Because on one hand, you want to share the joys of parenthood with your fans while on the other hand, you want to protect your kids as social media is not exactly the safest place for a child.

Some keep their kids away from social media while others post them but with strict rules and guidelines. Well-known personalities like Janet Mbugua usually post photos of their kids with a parent to ensure they are protected while others like Brenda Wairimu just hide the face to protect their children from scrutiny in case they will grow up into private individuals.

There are those however who feel that having their children on social media especially creating their own page will help them build a brand and even land jobs.


A situation we have seen pay off in the case of DJ Crème’s son Jamari who landed a deal with Aladdin Fashion, Ladasha Belle who landed a deal with Softcare Diapers and Tiffah Platnumz who has a lucrative deal with Baby Shop.

But putting your child on social media comes with its own challenges as it gives social media user’s free rein to comment on your child and parenting skills. And Zari Hassan found herself in such a situation after Tiffah’s social media account revealed that Zari is not home.

A fan criticized Zari’s behaviour of posting every detail of her child's life on social media as it can put her kid in danger.

“Scary sometime how they risk the lives of their kids by putting every single detail in social media.” A fan by the user name alkhuleidy wrote before adding “A kidnapper can make 1+1 and prepare well knowing parents are not home.”

A situation that had Zari retorting with “What makes you think my home is a public toilet that anyone can just access it whether am there or not. It’s the 21st century and security should be ones' concern. But then again that’s your life, not mine.”


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