Dancing your way to weight loss: Does really it work?

It's all about your routine.

Any kind of body movement earns you a fitness benefit. Personal fitness trainer and founder of the Doctore Fitness fraternity, Isaac Githuku says that the if your main goal is to lose weight then what matters is burning more calories than you consume each day.

Dancing offers long, intense and quick body movements that can help you burn fat in all the right places.

It's all about your routine.

"Fitness goals vary with different people. Some just want to tone up and keep their plum shape, others its strength training and others weight loss. Different types of dancing will offer different results. It is important to determine what you want."

Is if efficient?

Isaac believes it could be but not for everything fitness.

"Dancing will help you get flexible, gain endurance, tone up and lose weight but it will not help in strength training and shape your body," he said in our phone interview, " You've got to do more."

According to Weight Watchers, dancing is not effective as a stand-alone weight loss treatment. Your body is made in the kitchen. Find a good meal plan, take longer routes when walking and take the stairs instead of the elevator if you really don't want to hit the gym.

Going stone age with your day to day life activities will help you get fit way faster.

Basically, dancing is a really good cardio.


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