Man sues Agha Khan Hospital for turning him into a sex specimen

He reported the incident at Parklands Police Station

In a report byThe Standard, he says he had sought medical help after experiencing a persistent pain in his genitals. “In the course

"While I was still lying on the examination bed, a female walked into the room and proceeded to where I was. A few minutes later, another female was let into the examination room,” High Court judge Wilfrida Okwany  was told.


“My assessment of the two females and the conversation they had told me that they were much younger than me; a fact that intensified my mental distress to near panic attack.” The man said in between his examination, the doctor asked the two students questions.

“I was mentally distressed, which affected my concentration. I had been reduced to a specimen and object of study, subjected to unrestricted and prolonged touching of my reproductive organs."


He added that Saeed recommended that he should return for a follow-up but he never did for fear that he would be subjected to a similar experience.

He reported the incident at Parklands Police Station but was told that it was more a matter of medical negligence than a criminal act.


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