A German triathlete was banned from an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant after eating nearly 100 dishes.

Jaroslav Bobrowski, an Ironman competitor, visited a restaurant for a never-ending meal.

According to The Local, Mr Bobrowski went to the restaurant and paid his $26 (Sh 2600) for the buffet.


The former bodybuilder sat down at a table and started eating — and did not stop until he had consumed nearly 100 servings of sushi.

“He eats for five people. That is not normal,” the restaurant owner said.

Mr Bobrowski, who works as a software engineer by day, follows an extreme diet where he does not eat for 20 hours and then eats “until I’m full,” The Local reports.

The “until I’m full” part is apparently what drove the restaurant to ban the athlete.

Costly habit

The owner told Mr Bobrowski personally that he was no longer allowed to eat there because of his costly habits.

“I’m banned from now on because I’m eating too much,” Mr Bobrowski told The Local.

“I was stunned,” he added, saying he had been a regular at the sushi restaurant.