8 things all African mums do

How African mums always act

You also know you’re African when you have a healthy fear for belts, slippers and cable cords.

This is especially if you were raised in the 90s and back.

African mums be like:

When asking for help

Kid: Do you need some help?

Mum: No, it’s fine.

Kid: Are you sure?

Mum: Yes. Stop bothering me.

Kid: Ok. (Leaves house)

Mum: Yaani no one will help me.

When you can finally walk

Mum: Junior!

Junior: Yes!

Mum: Go bring me the salt.

(Brings salt from kitchen, goes back to bedroom)

Mum: Junior!

Junior: Yes

Mum: Bring me the remote.

Junior: Where is it?

Mum: On the table.

When you ask for cash

You: Mum please help me with 1000 bob.

Mum: What for?

You: I need to buy some things.

Mum: What happened to the money i gave you last time?

You: That was in 2014.

When you make her really mad

When she finds out you lied to go spend the night with a boy

When she likes to announce how troublesome you were as a child

When you bug her when she's on the phone

When your existence is always issue


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