Sharon Chepng’etich, a standard eight pupil in Bomet County has been forced to drop out of school after developing an unnatural behaviour.

The 14-year-old pupil is reported to have developed the habit of vomiting strange items like pieces of old clothes, old pieces of metal such as needles and, only recently, an old mobile phone.

As reported by eDaily, Evans Kiprotich, the Ruseya Primary School head teacher said the unusual behaviour had affected the young girl’s class work for the past three months since she developed it.


Terming Sharon as a bright and disciplined student, Kiprotich said,”We are sorry for what is happening to the girl, who is one of our KCPE candidates. We hope the demonic attack will set her free soon so that she can join the rest of the students.”

Nancy Mitei, the mother of the young girl, says she has involved many pastors for prayers all to no a success.

“We are all tortured as a family, everyone is scared about the situation, imagine a mobile phone coming out of the mouth with other crude metals,” she lamented.