Serial robber finally nabbed, arrested at church organized event

Authorities at the event where he was reportedly apprehended confirmed his identity and handed him over to the police.

He was nabbed on Thursday, November 23, 2017, at an event held at The Waterbrook Church, Victoria Island. Where better to catch a lifter right?

According to a source who spoke to Pulse News on a condition of anonymity, one of the victims of his past robberies spotted him at the venue and alerted authorities who were able to confirm his identity as a thief based on various Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footages available online.

"In a dastardly twist of fate he (The Crippled Thief) met his nemesis at a church function where one of his previous victims  recognized his signature limp and quickly alerted the nearby security on the premises.

"After confirming his identity through numerous videos online the authorities promptly picked him up and charged him to the local police station where he’s currently facing numerous charges of theft," the source disclosed.

It was gathered that the suspect often compiles a list of gatherings to be attended after researching them on social media. His visits to gigs held at club houses and bars have seen him make away with mobile phones and sophisticated gadgets belonging to unsuspecting victims.

The theft specialist was not able to get down to the business of the day on his last outing, but records of his activities were sufficient to fetch him a bunch of criminal charges relating to the act of stealing at the Victoria Island Police Station where he was taken after the arrest.

His mild limping posture appears to be a valuable trademark of his condemnable craft which would have had his preys dismiss him as one with just a pitiable physically challenged condition. Boy! Were they wrong.

The resulting effect of their carefree thinking would have come rather too late for a prompt reaction as the Crippled Thief strikes with a lightning speed similar to the "Ocean Eleven" crew from the Hollywood movie starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Master of his trade

His skill when performing the act of stealing has been too perfect it might even inspire an applause and admiration.

One of his past crimes caught on camera captured him in an office, from where he exited a room with a Smart phone he stole from a work station.

It appeared to be a well thought out process for the suspect who managed to shield his 'prize' with a booklet.

Disappointing turn of events for those hoping for his capture

It makes a lot of sense that a bunch of his past victims hoped that the long hands of the law catch up on the renowned thief but that seems far-fetched at the moment.

Pulse News has learnt that the Crippled Thief was released based on a new submission by the source. According to him, the police could not hold the suspect because he was not caught in the act.

This has raised fears that he might soon go back to continue his misdemeanour.

Lagos residents will be concerned about why the police has failed to launch an investigation into the previous acts of thefts by the suspect despite overwhelming evidence such as various video facts captured by the CCTV.


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