Form 3 student violently robs and rapes his mother

He said he committed the crime because he lived a 'difficult life'

The police commander in the area, Gilles Muroto, said the boy is a hardened criminal and recently raped his mother.

Difficult life

"The woman did not know that the thief was her son, but the young man knew that he was raping his mother," said Muroto.

He said the student narrated how he had raped his mother when he was questioned by the police.

When asked by Muroto Commander in front of journalists why he was involved in crime rather than study, the boy said he was influenced by the difficult life he lived.

Dead father

"I live with my mother alone, so I have no one to fend for me. I have no money for school shoes, notebooks, books, school uniforms and other needs. That's why I steal people so I can get it," said Mohamed.

He said his father had died a while ago.


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