Meet the MCA who offered a monkey as sacrifice to win elections

The MCA's victory was later challenged in Court

A Narok Hugh Court siting in Narok town was on Monday treated to a rare testimony from a magician, who was speaking for his client Mr Kikayet Kuyo of Olposimoru ward of Narok County.

The witch doctor shocked a court sitting with his lurid confession of having the ritual, and assured his client of winning the hotly contested seat in the county assembly.

Mr Robert Mwongela, who claimed to be from Kitui, testified that the ritual involved slaughtering a beast monkey and depositing its intestines in five polling centres.

He confessed in court, that by doing so, his client would automatically be elected in the historic August 8 pols. He made the testimony during cross examination by lawyer Karanja Mbugua, a local dail reported Monday.

Mr Mwongela is the crucial witness in an election petition filed by former Narok County assembly Majority leader Wilson ole Masikonte who was defeated by Kikayet Kuyo for the Olposimoru ward seat.

Mr Masikonte moved to court accusing Mr Kuyo of using witchcraft to win the elections. The witness testified to being hired for the job.

This is not the first time witchcraft allegations have been given dominance in Kenya’s elections petition. Last week, there was drama at the Siaya High Court during the hearing of an election petition against Governor Cornell Rasanga, after his lawyers claimed the petitioner’s witnesses were using witchcraft.

Rasanga's lawyer Nicholas Ombija complained that some of the petitioner's (Nicholas Gumbo) witnesses were chewing weird things.

Ombija complained to Justice Esther Maina that Gumbo's supporters sprinkled strange liquid around the court room.

"My client is not comfortable with these things they are chewing," Mr Ombija said.

But Gumbo's lawyer, Ogutu Mboya dismissed Ombija's claims as far-fetched.

"I am the one who informed my learned friend Ombija about the incident," argued Mboya. The judge directed the said witnesses to stop chewing while on the dock.

Migori High Court

Equally on Thursday last week, a man was ejected from the Migori High Court over claims he carried witchcraft paraphernalia to the premises. This was during the hearing of a petition filed by Ochilo Ayako against the election of Governor Okoth Obado on August 8.

The man carried a maize cob covered with a red piece of cloth which was suspected to be used for witchcraft. The courtroom was tense for a better part of the session following the incident.

Police frisked members of the public as they entered the premises amid fears of violence.

High Court judge Hillary Chemitei presided over the case against IEBC, returning officer Charles Mutai, and Governor Obado.

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