You can now buy a wig for your private parts for Sh3,200

Would you wear it?

South Korean designer, Kaimin, is the brains behind the unusual fashion trend.

According to Buzzfeed, the theme of his show was tolerance and diversity.

The punk themed vagina wigs, also known as merkins, were chosen to, "acceptance of individuality is the human vagina — which is alluded to in the live video at the show and is emphasized by the mohawk on the runway."

The merkin was originally worn in the 15-16th centuries by women who had recently shaved their pubic hair so as to prevent lice and other concerns.

Kaimin had a range of wigs from different colours, styles, and lengths.

In a press release, the designer explained that they were created to to assist irregular silhouettes" and "to bridge the gap of hard versus soft."

Kaimin's wigs are not yet on sale but generic brands are available on Amazon for Sh3,200.


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