5 other strange things that happen when you sleep

Strange things happen to us when we sleep, find out about them.

There are many other things that go on with our bodies and minds when we take a rest. There are a bunch of them but here is a list of the most common strange things that occur when we sleep.

You might recognize a few of them.

1) Teeth Grinding

This is also known as bruxism. Teeth grinding occurs when you slide your teeth back and forth when sleeping. It creates a grinding sound which can be very irritating to your sleep partner. It happens both day and night time. Teeth grinding is mostly caused by stress. There is no known cure for this but a mouth guard gotten from a dentist can help protect the teeth.

2) Sleep Walking

This is one of the most popular strange things that happen to people when they sleep. Sleepwalking is associated with sleep paralysis. Part of your brain is awake and takes over control. You can call this autopilot as the brain carries out routine tasks while you are asleep.

3) Sleep Talking

Sleep talking is in the same category as sleep walking. It is one of the things that occur during non-REM sleep. Science, however, hasn't found out why we say certain things in our sleep. What makes us choose some certain words over others while we are asleep?

4) Night Terrors

Night terrors happen mostly with kids. It is a sleep disorder that most people outgrow. It belongs to the non-REM family and it creates feelings of dread and terror. Night terrors can happen on consecutively or within intervals. It cannot be treated. Night terrors subside and eventually leave with time.

5) Exploding Head Syndrome

This is a sleep disorder that occurs when a person perceives loud noises (gunshots, bomb explosion etc) when about to sleep or waking up. This syndrome causes confusion and fear for the person involved. According to science EHS happens more with women.


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