Harry Leicester, a South African farmer has denied he forced one of his workers to drink faeces.

Leicester, along with his wife Maria and son Chris, all appeared at the Equality Court in Springs, near Johannesburg, on Monday.

Mr Leicester allegedly made Joseph Mona drink a jug of sewerage after he failed to turn on a septic tank pump, while he and his family used racist terms to verbally abuse Mr Mona.

Sewer hole

Mona was allegedly called a “useless k****r” by his employer‚ Harry Leicester‚ in December 2017.

Chris allegedly held his hands and dragged Mona towards the sewer hole. The farmer took a big jug‚ dipped it in the sewer hole and forced him to drink its contents while calling him a “k****r”.

Mr Mona is now seeking a public apology and 100,000 rand (Ksh 800,000) in compensation through the Equality Court. A separate criminal investigation is under way.


At the beginning of the trial‚ Jackson Mzila‚ representing the complainant on behalf of the South African Human Rights Commission‚ said Harry had referred to Mona as a “useless k****r‚” while his wife said “k****r must die” and his son asked: “K****r are you still alive?”

But the Leicester family deny any wrongdoing, according to South African news site TimesLive.

The court was told the allegations were "vexatious and false".