Did she squirt or did she pee in bed?

All you need to know about the female phenomenon.


This is a question that a lot of ladies ask themselves after an explosive session of coitus that left the bed soaking wet.

The female ejaculation is a phenomenon. Often portrayed as the climax of pleasure by porn sites, squirting has unfortunately been deemed as the peak of sexual prowess and gratification in a woman by societal standards.

But while this misleading concept has set precedent for the global woman’s sex life a lot of questions are yet to be answered.

So what is squirting really?

According to Cosmopolitan, scientists investigated 7 women who squirt during sex. The researchers examined the ladies’ urine before, during and after sex and found out some amazing facts.

In all three samples from all the ladies, the scientists found traces of urea, creatinine, uric acid and prostrate specific antigen at fairly equal concentrations.

They also found out that after urinating before sex, the bladder was completely empty, during the sex the bladder was full and after the squirt the bladder was empty again.


Squirting is basically the same as urinating on yourself. This is because the fluid released during a squirt also comes from the urinary bladder and contains uric acid.

However, the scientists did notice a little difference in five out of the seven women who had no prostrate secretion in their squirt. However the difference in components was very small.

Well this is completely different from what the other scientists have said about squirting. While current information offers no solid information about the source of the fluid, the answer is likely to be Skene's gland.


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