It's heartbreaking that 3 of my "daughters" are now pregnant - CS Magoha warns parents

Education CS disappointed

Education CS George Magoha during a recent press briefing on the reopening of schools amid Coronavirus pandemic

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has expressed his disappointment with the parents of three Form 1 students he assisted to get admission into secondary schools.

Calling them his "daughters", the CS explained that due to the prolonged stay at home over Coronavirus and their parents' negligence the three teenagers are now pregnant.

"On a sad note, this Ministry has noted that some parents, guardians and caregivers are not providing sufficient care to their children while at home.

"For instance, it is most heartbreaking that after I personally went to the slums to fish out some of the poor girls and having taken them to schools on scholarship, and some scholarships are for four years, three of these Form 1 girls are already pregnant after that short period of two months," Prof. Magoha conveyed.

He cautioned parents to only have a number of children that they are able to take care of asking parents to measure love for their children in the number of hours spent with them.

"We should only produce those children we are able to take care of. If you don't have the time to look after a child then perhaps you have no business producing children.

"I want to state without fear of contradiction that parents have to change their mindsets and love their children by spending time with them...I think that is what is lacking and I hope this won't to any of my many other daughters who are at risk especially in the slums but even in other homes where parents have a carefree attitude," the CS stated.

Online Predators

The CS also cautioned parents to monitor the content their children are consuming online to ensure predators do not exploit the minors.

He cautioned parents that the predators have managed to hack into some of the online learning materials used by the children.


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