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CS Kindiki gazettes 13 areas as disturbed and dangerous after 7 deaths

The government has issued a Gazette Notice declaring several mining sites within Marsabit county as "disturbed and dangerous areas."

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki speaking to the media on November 6, 2023

The notice, published on March 14, 2024, emphasizes enhanced security measures in response to unspecified threats that have raised concerns for public safety.

The declaration comes in the wake of violent confrontations among competing groups of miners that have tragically resulted in seven fatalities.

The declaration, which is rooted in the provisions of the National Police Service Act and the Public Order Act, specifically lists 13 locations within the Golbo Division.


These areas, known for their mining activities, have now been placed under heightened scrutiny by authorities.

Residents and visitors of the affected areas, namely Hilllo Argobo, Hilllo Oorfoga, Hilllo Waktile, and others have been ordered to vacate.

  1. Hilllo Argobo
  2. Hilllo Oorfoga
  3. Hilllo Waktile
  4. Hilllo Tanzania
  5. Hilllo Iness Ambaratille
  6. Hilllo Gotu
  7. Hilllo Tesum Qalicha
  8. Hilllo Karray
  9. Hilllo Hudaa
  10. Hilllo Qorrnjido
  11. Hilllo Irress Shindia
  12. Hilllo Raabaqle
  13. Hilllo Godde Haroressa

The gazette outlined that without express permission from the County Commissioner, access to these areas will be strictly regulated.

The move comes after extensive consultations between the National Security Council and the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Administration.


This concerted approach hints at a collaborative effort to curb potential threats and protect the well-being of citizens and the integrity of ongoing mining operations.

The order takes effect immediately and will last for a period of thirty days from the date of notice, after which the situation will be reviewed by the relevant authorities.

To the inhabitants of Marsabit County, this development might bring a mix of feelings—concerns about safety, curiosity over the reasons behind such a severe step, and the implications for daily life and work in the mining industry.

For families who rely on the mining sector for their livelihood, questions about the future are bound to arise.


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