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Fresh details emerge linking Mirema shooting victim to 'mchele' syndicate

The deceased was known by his nickname 'Keupe' and was linked to a drugging syndicate

More information has emerged about the shooting of Samuel Mugo Muvota who was gunned down in broad daylight in Mirema Springs area, in Roysambu.

Police officers investigating the death of Samuel Mugo Muvota who was shot in broad daylight near Mirema Springs apartment have said he could have been a victim of revenge.

The Mugo was under probe after authorities suspected him to be part of a criminal gang operating within the city.

It is said that the gang is involved in the administering of drugs to revellers in Nairobi clubs before robbing them of valuable items.

"It is difficult to comprehend how heartless human beings can become, whether it is vengeance or any other reason, it is impossible to comprehend, because nothing was stolen from the victim," Kasarani OCPD, Peter Mwanzo told the media.


According to the officers who examined the crime scene, several ID cards concealed in six different wallets were found.

Phones and laptop computers suspected of being stolen were also found from the car.

The police are also looking into a case of drugging after a lady whose identity card was found in the victim's vehicle stated that she lost Ksh200,000 after being intoxicated in a club.

It is said that Mugo was known as Keupe within the city’s criminal gangs.


The man headed a big syndicate that mostly involved women who were used to spike revellers; drinks before stealing from the customers,” an investigation officer said.

CCTV footage showed how Mugo's assailant blatantly fired shots towards the Honda CRV he was driving, leaving him in a pool of blood.

He had just dropped a woman with a baby at Mirema Springs apartments when a white Toyota sedan parked across the driveway, obstructing him.


The street was clear and on the video, only one lady could be seen walking near the scene of the crime, unbeknownst of what would transpire in the seconds that followed.

The CCTV footage captured the gunman approaching the Honda CRV from the opposite direction and after obtaining a clear line of sight, the attacker drew his pistol and fired several rounds.

Despite being shot, the deceased tried to speed off as shown by the vehicle’s jerk movements but the gunman kept firing, killing the driver on the spot.

He was then seen fleeing the crime scene and jumping into the white Toyota getaway car.

The attacker’s identity was not captured because he was dressed in a black cap that hide his face from the cameras.


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