Kenyans, forgive me, I have forgiven you - Uhuru

Uhuru's message during 2nd National Prayer Day

President Uhuru Kenyatta with First Lady Margaret Kenyatta during the 2nd National Prayer Day

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday asked for forgiveness from any person he may have offended.

While speaking at the end of the interfaith prayer meeting held at State House Nairobi, President Kenyatta went on to state that he has forgiven anyone who may have offended him.

"Tumeambiwa tukimshukuru Mungu na tukwimwomba msamaha basi lazima tusameheane pia, si kweli? Basi mimi nawaomba nyinyi wote, kama kunaye nimemkosea, namwomba msamaha. Na kama kuna mmoja wenu amenikosea, mimi nimemsamehe. Hiyo ndio njia ya kusonga nakuendelea mbele," he stated to the applause of those present.

The gesture was part of the three main messages he had for the nation as he led people from various faiths in the 2nd National Prayer Day of 2020.

He thanked health workers and essential service providers in the country for their efforts toward containing the global Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya, reiterating that the war is far from over.

"As it has been said, indeed we have undergone many troubles and we have as well won many battles but the war is yet to be won and we need to continue to ask our Creator to stand with us even as we continue from today," the President stated.

He went on to thank religious leaders led by Interfaith Council Chairperson Archbishop, Rev. Anthony Muheria for organizing the event.

"We deeply appreciate the role you have played," he stated.

He added: "I'd also be wrong if I did not thank all our leaders, those we have been in the cabinet together, all our county governments and including leader from various political parties, if it were not for the unity of purpose, we would not have come this far."


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