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Water, garbage, kanjo bodycams & renaming facilities mark Sakaja's county address

A hospital to be renamed after First Lady Rachel Ruto, kanjo askaris to get bodycams, how Nairobi county collected Sh236 million in a day and more highlights from Governor Sakaja's State of the County address.

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja beside County Assembly Speaker Kennedy Okeyo during the State of the County address on April 4, 2024




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Speaker Kennedy Okeyo Ng'ondi calls the Nairobi County Assembly to order and welcomes Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja to deliver his first State of County address.


Governor Sakaja: When I took office 19 months ago, the hopes and dreams Nairobians had shared with me on the campaign were uppermost in my mind. Wherever we went there we met men and women of energy, innovation and ambition, they were ready to work. But they were also tired of the inequality, squalor and misgovernance of the past and wanted a fresh start for the city.


Governor Sakaja: I am here today to hold myself accountable before you to the promises I made. Mr Speaker, honourable members, in doing so I fulfill in your presence and in the hearing of the people of Nairobi and the people of Kenya, a Constitutional obligation. Authority is a trust given to us by the people of Kenya.


State of the County when Governor Sakaja's administration took office

We took office at a time of turmoil, the pandemic had just ended, the economy was only beginning to recover, the County had huge pending bills - above Sh100 Billion and our legal liabilities were unpredictable. Nairobians had had enough of crude partisan politics, expensive services and streets as dirty as the city was disorderly. The administration of this County suffered because leaders were deeply divided by partisan affiliation.


Special thanks to the County Assembly
I acknowledge the work done by the Nairobi City County Assembly and its oversight, representation and legislative roles. 
In strengthening your capacity, I have signalled my support and the Cabinet of CECs will approve the use and transfer of County land in Upperhill for the construction of your administration block, assembly and offices for ALL Members of the County Assembly to better serve the people of Nairobi.


Revenue Mobilisation
This year we set for ourselves a target of Sh19.9 Billion of our own source revenue informed by a research that shows our revenue potential at Sh60 Billion. In the last financial year we managed to raise Sh10.6 Billion, which is more than any recorded in the past 5 years.

This year we are on track to break our own source revenue record set in the 2015/16 financial year of Sh12.2 Billion.
Record Day of collections was set on March 6, 2024 when Sh236 million was collected.


Potential Revenue Collection Areas for the County
1. Regularise development to correct urban planning oversights of the past and to ease collection.
2. Effect the Sectional Properties Bill, to allow owners of individual units of properties, be they offices or apartments, to acquire Title Deeds for their units.


Establishing the Nairobi Revenue Authority
We have established the Nairobi Revenue Authority (NRA) which will be responsible for revenue collection going forward. The fitting out of the NRA offices at the CBK Pension Towers is in its final stages as is the recruitment of a CEO.
Outstanding Liabilities (Pending Bills)
We have started and  made a lot of progress in evaluating this debt. Our teams are re-examining the claims by KRA, Kenya Power, amongst other large claimants to verify the true state of those accounts.
Negotiations with statutory debtors is ongoing.
No-Cash Policy
My staff and I have enforced tighter controls on expenditure.
We have also maintained, as difficult as it was at the beginning, the no-cash policy in government ensuring that our revenue streams are digitised.


Unified Business Permit
Was rolled out beginning January 1, 2024 and is already making it easier for business people who don't have to go to different offices for licenses.
Services are accessible online through and USSD code *647#
City Hall Annex customer service centre was recently revamped in accordance with the County Government Act (2012), making Nairobi the first county to comply.
Harassment by Kanjo Askaris

The county government has developed an enforcement App that will allow targeted and efficient interaction with clients, aiming to encourage compliance. The era of county askaris raiding businesses and harassing traders is behind us and must remain behind us.
However, attacks and obstruction of county enforcement officers performing their duties is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
Kanjo Askaris to get bodycams
Part of the proposals we have is to introduce, once the Assembly passes [the motion], the use of bodycams (body cameras) by our officers so that the whole story can be seen.


Ward Development Programme
Allocation raised from Sh17 million to Sh23 million per ward.
Reforms at Level V Hospitals
CEOs and Boards were replaced. First public eye hospital established at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital Annex.
Mutuini Hospital will soon be renamed to Mama Rachel Ruto Hospital.
Mama Margaret Uhuru Hospital in Kariobangi will soon be elevated to Level V status.
7,300 Community Health Promoters in Nairobi are equipped with smartphones and health kits.
Dishi Na Kaunti School Feeding Programme (Campaign Pledge)
Despite various actions to derail this programme, whether through court action or premature political activism, it has continued to thrive. Kitchens built at Baba Dogo Primary School, Kayole I Primary School, Njiru Primary School, Roysambu Primary School, Bidii Primary School, Toi Primary School, Farasi Lane Primary School, Muthangari Primary School, Racecourse Primary School and Mukuru Kwa Njenga Primary School serving 10-15,000 meals a day.
We have agreed that we shall allocate Sh500 million every year so that each ward will have an Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centre beginning this financial year.


Sustainability, environmental impact & garbage collection
Climate change and environmental sustainability are now integral parts of our planning, decision-making and implementation of programmes.
We have collected more than 450,000 tonnes of solid waste in the last 6 months, but still doesn't meet the expectations of the people of Nairobi. 298 private service providers have been licensed by the county to keep Nairobi clean along with issuance of 14 new recycling permits and 104 community-based organisations.
We are on track to establish a 45-megawatt waste-to-energy plant in Dandora, contracted to China Electric Company. This has been a story every mayor has spoken about, every governor has spoken about but there has been no headway. This factory will be historic and will benefit the people of Nairobi for decades.


Uhuru Park & Central Park Access Charges
Uhuru Park renovations are complete and the park will be open to the public free of charge. A management system is in place at the gate, when you go in you will be required to leave your [National] ID for security purposes.
A special security detail comprising police and the county inspectorate will man Uhuru Park 24/7.
Accessing Central Park will now have a charge due to the secluded and defined areas.
Upcoming park & landscaping projects
Muindi Mbingu and Muratina roundabout beautification is complete, TRM Traffic Island and Ablution Block is near completion, refurbishment and maintenance of City Park to continue.
Other areas under consideration include Jeevanjee Gardens, Kamukunji Grounds and Jacaranda Grounds.
The Office of the Governor of Nairobi was awarded the World Bank EDGE green building certification, becoming the first government building in Africa to attain the standard.


Reporting on the Water Situation in Nairobi

In 2023, more than 55 kilometres of water piping were laid or rehabilitated which boosted water supply to the city and reduced leakages.
Robust enforcement through smart meters and water police has cut revenue losses.
Nairobi has had only four sources of water since 1904, Kikuyu Springs being the oldest source, Ruiru Dam was second in 1928, Sasumwa Dam was third and Ndakaini Dam was fourth. Wayleaves for the stalled Northern Collector 1 project have been paid, KeNHA permits have been acquired and valves procured, to be operational in coming weeks. A $100 million deal with the Government of South Korea will develop Northern Collector 2 and Maragua 4.
Water rationing
We will soon ease the water rationing schedule, residents receiving water twice a week will get it more times and those getting water four times a week will get it every day and with the requisite pressure.
When you see our officers dealing with those with illegal water connections please give them room to do so, for example for the first time the people of Lang'ata have received water.


Housing in Nairobi
There is no dignity in the state of our housing, our urban renewal and affordable housing plan will make it possible to begin building these dignified homes in 6 estates in partnership with the National Government.
Pending county assembly approval, long term residents of county houses in Jericho, Bahati, Woodley and other areas will be able to convert past rent payments into payments for their new homes.
I am committed to ensuring that each and every one of members (MCAs) will own a house in Nairobi because before we start to give dignity to our people we must first start with leaders and staff who have served Nairobi County for decades.
I don't believe in slum upgrading, I believe in slum eradication and we will dignify the lives of the people of Nairobi, when it comes to housing we are keeping our promise.


Equalising Opportunities in Nairobi
In this financial year the administration has and is distributing bursaries and scholarships worth Sh857.8 million to 124,100 young men and women in Nairobi.
For 10 years Nairobi County spent Sh3 billion on bursaries but in the last 19 months we have spent Sh1.88 billion in bursaries. In less than two years we have allocated a significant amount. We started with Sh4.5 million per ward in 2022 now we are at Sh7 million per ward.
Pending proposal to rename Dandora Stadium as the Mugabe Were Stadium. Uhuru Sports Complex recently launched in Kariobangi South and Mwiki Sports Complex at 95% to completion, Joe Kadenge Stadium (formerly City Stadium) and Woodley Stadium back on course with contractors on site.
Sports and cultural events teach our children and young people virtues that will stand in good stead for citizenship and service to the community. We believe that the creative economy has potential to be a lucrative frontier for the youth. You will only need to pass in the CBD on Saturday or Sunday afternoon and see for yourself.


Governor Sakaja: If we work together, this city will be the city that brings joy and honour from all across the world.

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