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EXCLUSIVE: 2 times Alfred Mutua almost lost his life

Alfred Mutua's near death experience

In an interview with, Mr Mutua first spoke about a freak accident he was involved in while riding a horse.

The former Government spokesperson got into the accident while organizing a music event for his firm, Golden Dreams company.

"I fell from a horse and it nearly killed me. I was preparing for East Africa Music awards my company had put together,” he said.


This resulted in the Governor’s decision never to ride a horse in his life ever again.

The second near-death incident was when he was a little boy living in Kibra. A playful Mutua built a go-kart which together with his friends, they took turns to push each other downhill.

On the fateful day, Mutua was pushed downhill and sped onto the road where a car missed running over him by a whisker. He proceeded to fall into a ditch and hit his head on the concrete.

"When I was a kid we were playing and we were quite stupid. We were making go-karts which we would sit on at a high place then push each other downhill.

"So one time as I going downhill at high a speed and went straight into a road. Luckily I managed to pass before a car ran me over,” he narrated.


A distinct mark was left on his forehead to remind him of the day.


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