Passaris requests for help after this photo was shared

Passaris asks KOT to help

Photoshopped Image of Esther Passaris and Mike Sonko

Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris posted a photoshopped picture of himself and Governor Mike Sonko asking Kenyans to help identify who shred the image first.

In a tweet on her official account, Ms Passaris said she would reward anyone who identifies the photoshopped images with Ksh10,000.

"Calling on KOT Bureau of Investigations: Sh10,000 Cash Award to anyone who can identify the three original photos used in this lame photoshop mashup. From #RecordingArtist to #DigitalArtist. What next?" she asked.

The picture which was photoshopped had the Women Rep in bed the Nairobi Governor.

Google reverse image

A Google reverse image verification showed the photo was first posted by an online magazine under their couples and relationship segment.

This fabricated image was shared amid an ongoing feud between Sonko and Passaris after the former claimed that the Women Rep had been demanding for cash from him.

Their feud has played out in the public eye with Governor Sonko releasing private texts and audio messages in what he termed as his evidence against the Ms Passaris.

On Monday Passaris explained claims that she invited Mr Sonko to her room in a city hotel and accused the governor of taking things out of context.

Responding to Passaris

Passaris maintained that she only responded to him after he inquired whether she would be available for induction for MPs at the hotel.

The feud between Sonko and Passaris started during the Madaraka Day celebration when the Governor told the Nairobi Women Rep to stop going around telling people that he does not answer her phone calls.

Passaris invited investigative agencies to probe allegations leveled against her by Governor Sonko, vowing that “this will be the last time her integrity is questioned with falsehoods”.

Ms Passaris, who said she is “ashamed of people who tell horrific lies”, revealed that she will be visiting the DCI, EACC NCIC to clear the air that she twice claimed per diem for the same trip.


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