5 effective ways to turn your woman on before sex

Being on the receiving end of oral sex is a dynamite experience!


Sadly though, very few women actually enjoy being on the receiving end. Why you may wonder? Not many men have mastered the art of cunnilingus (CJ),  while you are down on her, many things cross our minds-  is my pussy stinking, does he want to do it or he is doing it just cause plus let’s face it, the minutes you spend down there do not count if it’s a half-assed attempt from  your side.

Men complain about how long they have to take to make a woman cum or the longevity of foreplay, but you are not in that woman’s shoes to understand the sacrifices of giving the BJ even when your jaws are aching, you can no longer feel your knees or how we do not want to swallow!

So save us the pity party, and learn some tips of going down on her. Sex is a give and take relationship. So next time, be the giving one, give as good as you expect to get.

Obviously every girl has a different set of preferences, and for the love of Lord, do not use porn as your point of reference.

And ladies, take advantage and tell your partner exactly what you want and how you want it, life is too short for horrible oral sex

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Men can’t read minds. Speak up on what you want, of course, do not demand or use a demeaning tone-unless that’s what your man is into. Use that “baby” “sexy” voice of yours and give directions. Want it rough, slow, gentle, upward flicking of the clit…talk. You don’t talk, he won’t know. I know we struggle with giving directions from fear of hurting the man’s ego, but he won’t get hurt. Just say how you like it, or if words fail you…moan. Men, listen to the moans, gyrating of hips and head grips (those are your keys to know if you doing it right or not).


The clit is one VERY sensitive bud, it has over 6,000 nerve endings. Imagine how sensitive your balls are then maybe you might be gentler. It’s not a radio knob. Cunnilingus is not about thrusting your tongue into her vagina and making it do the wiggle. Build up the intensity by licking her thighs, then with gentle slow, steady and rhythmic circular motions, flicker the tongue around, change up to side to side motions then up and down.  Gents, sensations we receive are different and noticeable if your tongue is wide and flat from when it’s pointy.

Do not suck

It’s not a lollipop! Use suction instead, the gentle suctions feel incredible! Give her clit a massage-see how you suction ice cream from a cone, try that. Devour that pussy.

Take a breath

We do not want you to die from lack of air. When you need to come up and breath, your fingers can do the walking, delicate fingers. Let her control the speed, intensity and pressure.


Be patient. Women take a minute to get off, have a willing mouth and patience.


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