New Kenyan driving licence unveiled (Photos)

The new electronic driving licence for Kenyan drivers has been unveiled

For far too long, Kenyans have had to use the very ancient driving license which was left behind by the British Colonial government.

The document has since maintained its original texture, red color and “sisal” feel. And despite many countries switching to a more electronic driving license, Kenya has been unswerving in using the document that many drivers felt needed a new feel.

However, the situation seems to have changed after the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in May announced that they would soon launch a smart driving license by the end of June.

And going by pictures shared on social media, it seems as though the rollout may take place anytime soon.

In what would confuse one for a National ID, the picture portrays what seems to be a sample government driving license containing the electronic chip as well as the NTSA logo.

The picture got a couple of Kenyans curious with one inquiring on when the commencement date would begin to which NTSA replied: "We will keep you updated on all the developments."

Kenyans will be required to have the new licenses that will be launched in phases to give time to people who have renewed theirs for several months.

The documents will contain a driver’s details and will be key in taming rogue drivers on Kenyan roads.


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