Kenyans sharply divided over whether Githeri Man deserved a Head of State commendation

Kenyans had another list of citizens they thought deserved the award.

Githeri man, whose real name is Martin Kamotho, shot to the limelight after he was pictured enjoying his meal while queuing to vote during the August 8 elections.

Mr. Kamotho was included in the list of 59 Kenyans who got the State commendation but Kenyans differed sharply on whether he was deserving of the award.

While State commendations are awarded in recognition of outstanding or distinguished services rendered to the nation in various capacities and responsibilities, Kenyans thought he did nothing special to get the honour.

A majority of them thought he didn't deserve to be honoured as Pulse Live found out. They instead listed a host of other Kenyans who ought to have been recognized during the celebrations:

Danny Silva No. He was exercising his democratic right to vote as a citizen. The fact that he was caught on camera putting something in his tummy does not make it an achievement for this nation. There are so many heroes and heroines who have done a lot and still risk their lives and sacrifice a lot for this nation yet they have remained in the oblivion for who knows not reasons.

Hamisi Chava No no there other Kenyans who has done much brave issue save. Life's, Doc at Kenyatta hospital operations on twins, and many others unrecognized,???, spoil good state commendation awards such pple.

Fritz Major Kenya No,Give it to the guy who saved a person with disability from a swarm of bees,Unity,Oneness and faith in humanity need to be restored in this country...those unsung heroes of everyday need to be recognised.

Ptrizah Azmeth For what,is he the only one who voted??that moi girls girl parents who rescued others deserves the most

Kevin Wachira hell no the moi girls student who died rescuing others deserve the award

JohnPaul Barasa In a country where people like githeri man are given awards...... And doctors who did their best to seperate the cojoined children are just left like that useless leadrer ship

Some of them, however, saw no wrongdoing in having Githeri Man awarded by the President:

Mary Wainaina Yes yes.becoze all things happen for good to those who trust God. God brought the least thing in the man,to lift him from the ground to shake hands with prominent people including the presidend.

Peris Kariuki Yes. God's favor is always unfair. It's a reward that the individual does not deserve. That's how God works. Ask Joseph in the house of portipha. It's called unmerited favour. It happened to Mordecai unlike Harman. Let him have it's his time..

Martin Chege Yah... That time we had tension for election results and he helped us relieve it...

Ng'endo Angelo Yes he did. Its not about githeri its when God's time has come


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