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Filmmaker Abel Mutua celebrates wife's big day in amusing way

The couple has been together for fourteen years but officially tied the knot seven years ago.

Abel Mutua, his wife Judy Nyawira and daughter Mumbua

Filmmaker and actor, Abel Mutua has celebrated his wife Judy Nyawira as she celebrates her birthday on November 21.

In a seemingly cheeky birthday message, Abel recognised his wife as the mother of his daughter and wished her everything she has ever wished but comically warned her to keep her eyes off renowned actor Idris Elba who he considered her crush.

"Happy birthday to my baby and the mother of my baby! Wishing you everything that you’ve ever desired. Apart from Idris Elba. Huyo wachana na yeye. Hata hananga ushago. Anaishi town kama KICC ( He doesn't have a home upcountry but only lives in town). Love you Babeezzzz!," he wrote as he captioned her photo.

Mutua and his better half, Nyawira have been married for 7 years although the two have been together for quite a long time.


In his love message last year as the two were celebrating their sixth anniversary, the thespian remembered how their wedding day had started out on a bad footing as some of his service providers almost failed them but despite it, all managed to have their marriage saying it was worth it. The two love birds celebrated their seventh anniversary on November 20, 2022, as Mutua shared a TBT photo when the two were still in college.

"Exactly 6 years at this very hour mzee mzima Lagiacca alikuwa mteja na suti yangu, Bazuu Wangu wa bridal car alipiga sleeping pills flani zinaitwa Jameson akableki, ( had gone offline with my suit, my bridal car friend had overslept after too much drinking) but despite all that, what mattered most for me was the fact that I was getting ready to trap this babe for life. Ndio Sisi hao Sasa @judynyawira. I couldn’t ask for a better wife.

Tuzeeke pamoja Babe for another 96 years Alafu after Hapo turudi Soko, au sio? I love you!!! Happy Anniversary."


The film director who likes to tell hard stories like jokes in a recent Q&A session on Joy Ride Podcast in early November 2022 said he does not have a problem with his wife getting married to someone else if fate has it that he dies before her.

"Ni kitu tushaidiscuss, nikamshow please move on juu usiake hapo ukiniomboleza na mimi nishamaliza kazi yangu hapa, imagine move on. Kama kuna mjamaa huko anakufinyia finyia macho, aiii, kwani ni kesho (It is a matter we have discussed, she should not mourn me for ages, if someone is seeing her after I am gone she should give him the nod)," he said.

The couple has been blessed with a 12-year-old daughter, Stephanie Mumbua.


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