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Beryl Itindi's pregnancy craving that forced a stranger to hastily exit a matatu

Itindi painted a picture that many women can relate to, yet often goes untold in the narratives of motherhood.

Influencer and businesswoman Beryl Itindi

Pregnancy is often romanticised, but for social media influencer and businesswoman Beryl Itindi Wanga, it was a time marked by both joy and challenges, including intense food cravings exacerbated by financial hardship.

A mother of one daughter, Itindi opened up about her pregnancy journey, revealing that it coincided with a period of financial difficulty, compounded by the absence of support from the father of her child.

One challenge which Itindi faced was food cravings which she said she could handle most of the time.

Food cravings stand out as one of the most common and sometimes amusing aspects. These cravings can range from the ordinary to the downright unconventional, leaving many expectant mothers bewildered and amused.


Recalling one particularly difficult moment, Itindi shared how she returned home from work craving a mango laced with red chili, a luxury she couldn't afford at the time.

With only Sh20 in her pocket, just enough for her fare home, she found herself torn between her craving and her financial constraints.

Opting to take a matatu home, Itindi found herself sitting next to a woman who happened to be enjoying the very mango she longed for.


Unable to resist her craving, she mustered the courage to ask the stranger for a piece, only to be met with shock and the woman hastily leaving the matatu.

"Pregnancy comes with cravings, but I thank God because my cravings were manageable. But one time, I was really craving for a mango with chili. I only had Sh20, which was supposed to take me back home," Itindi told Lynn Ngugi.

"I went and sat to the matatu and a lady came and sat next to me and she had that mango which had the pili pili and I turned to her and asked for a piece, the lady got shocked she stood up and took off," Itindi said.


Reflecting on her experience, Itindi emphasised the importance of support during pregnancy, particularly from the men responsible for the pregnancies.

She stressed that pregnancy can be a challenging time, both emotionally and physically, and having a support system is crucial.

"Pregnancy changes a person in all aspects, and having a support system is crucial during this period," Itindi stated.


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