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Corazon Kwamboka addresses claims that she caused Frankie-Maureen Waititu breakup

Fan comes out to defend Corazon Kwamboka on homewrecker accusations

Kenyan social media personality Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka has elicited mixed reactions after a debate on whether she was the cause of a breakup of social media power couple Frankie JustGymIt and his ex Maureen Waititu.

This comes months after the High Court advocate parted ways with the father of her two children, fitness trainer Frankie JustGymIt.

In a video posted online, Kwamboka wrote the caption “When you are being blamed for breaking a relationship”.

On the video, the social media personality lip-synced: "I did not open the door I found it opened...I did not touch the door."


Kwamboka was seemingly sending a message to those who have always blamed her for allegedly breaking a perfect couple of Frankie and Maureen despite the countless times she has tried to absolve herself of the claims.

The comment section was aflame with netizens, not shying from bashing and insisting she was the cause of Maureen’s break up with Frankie.

One particular Instagram user by the handle @gekiflavia, however, downplayed the fans for calling her out.


“What’s so pathetic is the women that are here blaming her for being in that relationship? So just because a guy dated a woman and left her means I shouldn’t date the same guy because he will leave me too?” the fan commented.

The user adamant in passing across a pep talk in an attempt to change people’s mindsets further added in her comment: “How many guys have dumped their wives and settled down with side chics? So many men have done that.

"If we were not to date people because of their past relationships then we would never date at all because all the people we are dating have either dumped their exes or have been dumped and we still date them hoping our turn will be different. Love has no guarantee. Some relationships last and some don’t, that’s very okay. It was her choice to date him so who are you to blame her for her choices and tell us if the men you are dating are immaculately clean and have never dumped their exes or cheated,” she noted.

Frankie JustGymIt was married to Maureen but he broke up with her for Kwamboka who he dated for less than three years before calling off the relationship.


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