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Frida Kajala sheds light on Harmonize's ATM passwords shared with Konde members

Frida Kajala says she got 10 percent of what Harmonize made two months prior to their breakup

Frida Kajala

Frida Kajala exposed her ex-boyfriend, Harmonize, for sharing his ATM passwords with members of the Konde Gang while the two were still dating.

During an interview on August 9, 2023, in Tanzania, Kajala was asked if it was true that she had access to the artist's passwords and could transact whenever she wanted.

Kajala candidly admitted that she was not the sole person with the password, as Harmonize had also shared the login credentials with certain Konde Gang members.


"Ukienda kwenye suala la passwords ambazo alizisema [Harmonize], I think vijana wake wote wa Konde Gang wana password yake. Kila mtu anatumwa pale kwenda kuchukua hela anamtuma.

"[Looking at the issue of passwords that Harmonize addressed, I think most of the people at Konde Gang and he sends them t the ATM whenever he needs money]," Kajala said.

She insisted that Harmonize had lied to people when he claimed that she was the only one who had his passwords.

Kajala also tackled allegations that she used to receive 10 percent of Harmonize's earnings, given her role in the management at the time.


She asserted that she did not receive those payments during their reconciliation but only received the 10 percent share two months prior to their eventual breakup.

On August 2, Harmonize made claims that Kajala is now driving a Toyota instead of the Range Rover he had gifted her.

He even alleged that Kajala had sold the Range Rover, but Kajala presented a different version of events compared to Harmonize's.


According to Kajala, she explained that she prefers using her daughter's car for running errands and also because she wants to avoid drawing attention from people around her.

She insisted that she had not sold the car and criticized Harmonize for belittling the brand of the car she was using.

While still responding to the allegations, Kajala also pointed out that Harmonize used to drive Toyotas when he was an upcoming artist, and that there's no issue with driving any brand of car.


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