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Mejja’s new tune gets played at NBA games in US & Kenyans can’t keep calm (Video)

Nani alisemema America Hawasikii genge?- Mejja's fan


On Wednesday, Kenyans woke up to the news of Mejja’s new tune #Siskii being played during America’s National Basketball Association (NBA) games and they could not keep calm.

Mejja put up a short video of his song playing at the Dallas Mavericks Basketball court, saluting Poizon Ivy the DJ (Kenyan roots) for always supporting Kenyan music in the US.

#Siskii Playing On Dallas Mavs Game Big Up @poizonivythedj For Supporting Genge Music In The US Always” shared Mejja.


All the speakers and fans at the Dallas Mavericks Basketball court had an opportunity to experience the Kenyan sound after the DJ of the night travelled to East Africa to sample Mejja’s Siskii.

Poizon Ivy the DJ (Kenyan roots), is an official DJ for Dallas Mavericks, and she has been making sure the world gets to experience the Kenyan sound.

In December 2018, she also played King Kaka’s Dundaing, an act that got the Kaka Empire CEO excited.

“Dundaing is a global song and I did not have to change my music style for the American audience. This is also a sign that everything is possible and you don’t have to change your sound as an artiste to fit in the world’s playlist,” said the Kaka Empire boss.


Reactions from Kenyans

wesleytheedj @poizonivythedj always reppin for the 254 proper..💯💯🙌”

dwayn_selecta “Walikunyima trending uku wakathani hutatrend majuuuu ona sasa blessing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

shixhermosaWhat's the hell?😍😍😍 If it's me i will sleep with shoes today”

chorley_atem “Nani alisemema America "Hawasikii genge"?? Now they know💪💪”


marvochamplin “blessings upon blessings”

isikasworldWewe hata ndio unafaa kuwa unacharge 1 m for a show🔥😂kazi umeput in🙌”

khampoetbtc “Si the wonders of God😢👏👏👏, don't stop doing music”

dave_motari “Keep the🔥🔥🔥🔥 burning”




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