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Stop giving, be selfish with yourself - Kamene Goro advises ladies

The presenter has advised ladies to play hard to get with their time, company, and bodies

Radio presenter Kamene Goro

Radio queen Kamene Goro has told ladies to love themselves first and be mean when giving their time and company to men saying ladies are a limited resource.

In the recorded segment of her morning show, where she airs her views on topical issues, the sassy presenter told ladies not to be always available with anything that is on offer from their male counterparts.


"Let me tell you something you might not realize it but you are a very limited resource, by the way, you have an x number of years of existence so stop giving them out willy-nilly. You cannot be always readily available for everyone, every opportunity to hang out and have fun," she said.

She narrated an incident wherein she had a chat with her friends and realized that ladies get too much available to men with their time and company as though they have nothing of their own to do as most of them would always be readily available to jump to the invites.

"Your heart cannot be available for every love opportunity your time cannot be available for everyone who wants to have it. You are a precious and limited resource. Do not let anyone call you and think they can have your day off be stingy, ringa (play hard to get)," she added.


Kamene who was recently seen hanging out with her man days ago went ahead to wonder how men easily hit on girls and easily get to what she referred to as 'the promised land' telling ladies to play hard to get with their time, company, and body.

The curvy presenter hosts the show alongside comedian Oga Obinna who took over Jalang'o left to concentrate on his political interests. Before joining Kiss she worked for NRG radio alongside Andrew Kibe.


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