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Details of Hype Ballo's fast-rising career paused by DCI officer's death

Before joining DJ Joe Mfalme, Hype Ballo had a stint with DJ Bash before he went for a hiatus

Allan Ochieng popularly known as Hype Ballo

In Nairobi's entertainment life, one name resonates through the vibrant echoes of the city's club scene – Hype Ballo.

Ballo whose real name is Allan Ochieng has been the man beside DJ Joe Mfalme everytime he is on the decks be it on radio, TV or even in clubs all across the country.

As previously highlighted in an article by this writer, Ballo is one of Kenya's top emcees and his trajectory in the entertainment industry has been marked by a promising ascent, shadowing the illustrious career of DJ Joe Mfalme.

Before teaming up with DJ Joe Mfalme, Ballo worked with DJ Bash who subsquently took a hiatus.


Ballo's social media pages, are a testament to his dedication, offering glimpses into the nightlife saga he authored nightly.

On his TikTok he creatively shares the major side we dont know about night life and his craft.

Hype Ballo's steady rise has however taken an unexpected turn, as he became entangled in a grave legal ordeal – the murder of Kabete Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officer Felix Kelian.


While DJ Mfalme and five others have been exonorated and designated as state witnesses, Ballo was retained as a suspect.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the entertainment world watches closely, hoping for a resolution that brings justice and clarity.

Ballo is now expected to be arraigned in court as the main suspect behind the murder of the senior Kabete sleuth.


As his case begins, different MCs from across the country have come out to show solidarity with him.

Initially labeled as a bouncer by the prosecution, the entertainers have come out stating that Ballo is not a bouncer and that he is innocent.


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