Owago Onyiro’s response after Robert Alai insulted him over Mwalimu Churchill

This comes days days after Alai accused Churchill of not paying some of his comedians

Owago Onyiro’s response after Robert Alai insulted him over Mwalimu Churchill

Former Churchill show comedian Owago Onyiro responded to controversial blogger Robert Alai after he launched an attack on him for defending Mwalimu Churchill while appearing on Jalang’o show.

Over the weekend, Alai threw insults at Owago for shielding Mwalimu Churchill days after he (Alai) accused him of not paying comedians who provide him with content for his show that airs on NTV Kenya,

“Jalango decided to insult struggling comedians who provide Churchill with content through that fool called Owago. Boss, Churchill has no content for his show so he depends on the comedians being insulted. Ask Churchill to do one episode of his show alone we see. Pay comedians,” reads Alai’s tweet.

Owago's response

However, in a quick rejoinder Owago ironically thanked Alai for insulting him, as well as saluting Churchill and Jalang’o for molding the person he is today.

“Hahaaaaaaaaaa thank you @robertalai for calling someone's son a fool during his Mothers Day. God will make me wise one day. Once more thank you @mwalimchurchill for teaching me how to fish. To my big bro @jalangoo thank you for showing me how to survive in this city Nairobi. Mimi siwezi choma nguo kama @mulamwah ........ Labda mimi nichome tu Owago's Fish. Forward ever, backward never. #TheProdigalSon,” reads Owago Onyiro’s response.

Owago's take

Last week while appearing on Jalang’o show, the comedian (Owago) asked those insulting Mwalimu Churchill with unfounded allegations to refrain from that behavior, a statement that was not received well by Robert Alai.

“Churchill analipa watu, kitu mbaya ni Comedian waende pale and they depend on Churchill too much. Chutrchill amekupatia platform utengeneze jina ukulie. Unakumbukaa ukienda Shule baba yako alikuwa nakupatia pocket money, that is what Churchill is giving us, he can’t not give you plus salary na ndo anakufunza. Whatever Churchill is giving you is like pocket money not the expected money you want in your life. Something that can sustain you as you build your brand, use the platform to build yourself. Don’t expect too much mahali unajifunza” said Owago.

Mwalimu Churchill responds

On April 29, while responding to the allegations of not paying some of his comedians, Mwalimu asked netizens to refrain from bringing down other people in the name of being “Keyboard warriors”

“Kila mtu ananiambia, I have to mention about cyber bullying. And I will say this, It’s Good to have critics, they help you move and progress in Life, lakini hakuna pillar moja utaona imetengenezwa ya critic. A critic is fan who wants you to do better than yourself. Na wale keyboard warriors ambao hupenda kuandika maneno, sio keyboard it’s you, hautaawahi ona mtu ambaye ameendelea maishani, a businessman kama kina Chris Kirubi, Manu Chandaria, trying to bring down someone because they know the journey they have taken, so as you write those things, make sure utangali huyo jamaa useme I wish there is a way I can help them up. That’s how we grow as a society, for me it’s all about positivity, that’s how we grow. I have never seen in my life any successful person trying to bringing someone down, because they know and respect each other,” said Churchill.


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