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Huddah Monroe lectures young girls dating married men in series of rants

Ms Monroe is fade up

Socialite Huddah Monroe

Socialite cum business woman Huddah Monroe has gone ham on young girls dating married men at the expense of their riches, then end up ruining other people’s families.

In a series of rants via her Insta-stories, Ms Monroe advised that ladies should stop sleeping around with married men who can’t even take good care of their own families.

Huddah mentioned that anyone dating a married man should feel ashamed of their actions, as in the long run things will never end well.

“When you sleep with a married man don’t you feel a certain way? Do you ask him if he has taken care of his family first? Or you just fight to overtake the wife? That shit gets to me ..its Inhumane. I think you all should stop ruining families and marriages.. and if it’s a must make sure he takes care of hus family first. Don’t be having fun, taking his money while his family is suffering," wrote Hiuddah.


Miserable life

She added that, a number of friends who got kids with married men ended up living miserable life.

“All my friends that have kids with married men are the most miserable ... you ruined another family, what do you expect? Mercy and showers of blessings? He will do the same to you. You aren’t special. When a married man hits on me, I always tell them to go home. They find me really weird…coz I just start giving them advice on pleasing their wives and kids and we stay cool as friends. I’m for the opinion, a relationship between a married man and young girl should be purely transactional, broke married men should not get p**sy outside their home. He clearly can’t fee his family.


Young and energetic

The Huddah Cosmetics CEO, pointed out that she likes young, energetic men and that’s why she never fights to get attention from older guys who already have families.

“Just know I don’t do married men, I like my men young, energetic and single coz I hate those baby mama dramas and also no family problems. I’m not a therapist for you to come tell me your family issues"

Ms Monroe is among female celebrities who are never shy to speak their mind, whenever they feel like addressing a certain subject in the society.

Huddah rants


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