Lillian Muli’s perfect clap back after fan attacked her with “this is why you are single” slur

Ms Muli shuts down the critic in style

Lillina Muli’s perfect clap back after a fan attacked her with “this is why you are single” slur

Media Personality Lillian Muli shut down a fan who tried to attack her with “this is why you are single” slur after putting up a post on how women are supposed to be loved and respected.

In her message, the Citizen TV news anchor stated that there are good men out there and women should not settle for less.

“I stole this from my childhood friends insta stories (sorry babe 🙊🙈)... I Love it! I am a firm believer that no matter how many frogs you've kissed along the will one day find your prince. It might take a while and then BOOM! When you least expect it you will connect with a wonderful man. You deserve to be Loved right and respected. I value respect more; i believe you can't Love if there's no respect. I Love me a man who knows how to Love his woman. And yes there are so many good men out there. So Many!!! so why settle for breadcrumbs when you could have the full meal all to yourself 😊,” reads Lillian Muli’s post.


However, the post prompted a user identified as Spraggah to join the conversation trying to belittle the anchor saying, “This is why you are single.”

Upon seeing comment, the mother of two responded with “@Spraggah Single or married none of your business! Even if I have 10 boyfriends they are mine. Utado?”.

In separate post, the news anchor encouraged women to walk away from relationships where their partners are serial cheaters and stop consoling themselves that all men cheat.

“Imma quote this part " if he or she cheats we cheat..." THAT IS A BROTHEL OF TRAUMA!!!! You will not do that because you are not and have never been a cheat. It will traumatise you more to cheat to prove a will hate yourself for doing it. Do not devalue yourself because it was never a competition in the first place. Do not let anyone drive you there. I am Loving this Tweep i must follow,” wrote Ms Muli.

Ms Muli was echoing the words of a tweep called @XivTroy who had written; “And when you don’t find that love. I hope you find the courage to leave. I hope you say, “If he/she cheats we cheat” That’s a competition of fools. A brothel of trauma. You all find grace. Learn to leave people behind. Love yourself a little bit more! You will be okay."

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