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Liz Jackson slams critics as Brian Chira fundraiser crosses Sh7.3M on day 3

As at Friday night, Sh7,330,854 had been raised with the figure increasing by the hour

Liz Jackson

Media personality Liz Jackson slammed Kenyans bashing Tiktokers for raising more than 7.3 million for Brian Chira’s funeral when they failed to match the same generosity and effort when he was alive.

Liz opined that contrary to the belief that Chira’s colleagues in the industry did little to help him in his lifetime when he struggled, the deceased was assisted with many holding his hand despite him bashing the same people who assisted.

Eric Omondi is among those who emphasized the importance of extending assistance to individuals while they are still alive rather than when they are dead, urging Kenyans to also offer support to Miracle Baby, who is currently alive and in need of assistance.

"We must start supporting people while they are still alive.!!! @petermiraclebaby is alive!!!" he wrote.


The content creator gave an example of TikTok star, Nyako who raised more than Sh3000,000 for Chira, only for the deceased contyent creator to bash her shortly afterwards one of his live sessions.

"TikTok people helped Chira. Nyako even raised 300k+ got him a house and furnished it. The following day Chira aliingia live akaanza kumtusi still she didn't give up, and contributions continued! Tizian once paid a bill for him in a hotel after being stranded. Like this boy was helped so much but the alcoholism and depression were taking over," Liz said.

She recounted that she interviewed Chira as he battled depression and alcoholism and shared that Chira was drunk during the interview.

She afterwards advised him on hos to manage his controversial habits and seek professional help.


Brian Chira drunk during interview

In her view, Chira's trouble should have been addressed by enrolling him on therapy and helping him with his alcohol addiction.

"I once met him for an interview he was DRUNK! after interview nikamkalisha chini I talked to him for a solid one hour, wueh the following day he went live naked Jesus! Nikashangaa sasa nitafanya nini.

"I think the topic here should be: how to successfully help an alcoholic and depressed person. Probably we would have admitted him to rehab first before getting him the 300k+. We should have dealt with the core problem first! We should have got him a therapist etc," she added.


Fundraiser nets more than Sh7.3M

TikTokers came together in a show of solidarity for Brian Chira after his family appealed for financial assistance.

More than Sh5 million was raised in record 48 hours with the figure increasing by the minute.

In the last update given by TikToker Baba Talisha on Friday night, several hours before this publication, the figure stood at Sh7,330,854. The fundraising is still ongoing through paybill 8056605 #Brian.


Several well-wishers also came on board to help in giving him a befitting sendoff, set for March 26, 2024.


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