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Men are scum - Bahati’s baby mama after going through pregnancy alone

Yvette Obura confessed that Bahati abandoned her.

Men are scum- Bahati’s baby mama after going through pregnancy alone

Bahati’s baby mama has opened up about the intense suffering she went through after Bahati skipped town when she was pregnant.

Yvette Obura disclosed that her pregnancy period is something she hates four years on due to the fact that she was alone during that period and after the birth of their daughter.

“My lowest moment was 2015 when I got pregnant yaani men, men how many times have I called you? Sitasema mengi lakini I hate my pregnancy period to date.1st time mom, went through the knife alone. Ata kulea sijui, 1 week later maziwa ilikauka because I wasn’t eating. I didn’t eat for one good month because I wasn’t able to cook. I fed kababay with maziwa fresh ya ng’ombe. She used to cry mpaka one day she was asleep nikasema nikimbie shop kununua soda na chapo. Neighbour akaniuliza (a man) I really hope wewe na baby mko sawa juuu the way she cries aki nililila hata hiyo soda sikukunywa.


I went back home and my mom cried I was so pale with almost 30kgs down. I remember crying everyday kama nimelala kwa floor na mtoto hapo kando, I just thank God for my mom na kwetu sitoki juu men are scum,” Yvette wrote.

Bahati’s side

Yvette’s confession comes about 2 years after Bahati claimed that he was in his daughter’s life from the very beginning.

“I didn’t come in (to my child’s life after 2 years); I was there from the very beginning,” he revealed during an interview on Ebru TV


On why he chose not to respond to accusations of abandoning and not taking care of his daughter earlier was because he learnt that not every accusation deserves a response. “For the last two years I’ve been in the blogs and newspapers over different stories and one thing I learnt this year was to grow up and not answer to everything.”


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