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Nadia Mukami: Why I am considering having another baby soon

Kenyan songstress Nadia Mukami has revealed that she is considering having another baby a year after she welcomed first child with lover Arrow Bwoy.

Nadia Mukami with her son Haseeb Kai

Celebrated Kenyan singer, Nadia Mukami has revealed her desire to get another child.

The mother of one shared photos of herself bonding with her son and celebrated the remarkable growth.

She admitted she has started warming up to the idea of getting another baby as her one-year-old son has started to feel bored at home.

According to the songstress, giving young Haseeb Kai a sibling could make things better for him.


"Naskia kuongeza mwingine ❤️😩 Kai ameanza kuboeka 😁😂This Love 💕 @haseebkai,” Nadia wrote on Instagram.

Nadia and her lover Arrow Bwoy welcomed their son Haseeb Kai were blessed with their son in March 2022.

"24.03.2022 we have received the best gift Haseeb Kai. Welcome to our world," Arrow Bwoy wrote, announcing the arrival of their son.

The birth of Kai followed a miscarriage in which the pair lost their unborn child.


The music queen who has been enjoying motherhood and an impressive career recently celebrated the milestones achieved by her son and hinted at the questions that Kai may soon start asking.

Accompanying her thoughts with a photo of Kai, the 26-year-old singer wrote:

"I'm afraid that he's growing up and soon he'll say mom please knock or even say mom stop (kissing) you're embarrassing me."

The songstress added that she will get emotional to a point of crying when that moment comes, opening up on the close relationship she has with her son.


"I am overwhelmed with love!! If I ever judged Mama's Boy please. Forgive me! Now I know better!!," she added.

Nadia Mukami denies wife status, sets dowry terms for Arrow Bwoy

Last month, the mother of one took a bold step in her relationship with singer Arrow Bwoy, urging him to make their commitment formal by paying her dowry.

"I am a lady who is very learned... and I am a brand. My father invested so much in me.


"I did not go to schools where people eat Githeri, so the dowry is high, and he needs to invest in this babe," Nadia said in an interview with Chitto Ndlovu.

"I am single as far as I know until the father of my child pays my dowry. He has not paid any dowry to my parents. He is with me on credit. Niko soko. I am not married to him," she added.

The singer added that it is imperative that men understand the fact that until dory is paid, the relationship remains in an informal state.


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