Angry Parents warn Huddah Monroe for seducing their 18 year-old son

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Angry Parents warn Huddah Monroe for seducing their 18 year-old son

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has disclosed how angry parents warned her, after she tried Dming their 18 year-old son.

In a post on Instagram, Ms Huddah said that she saw a fine young man, whom she decide to text with the words “You so yummy” but things went south when the boy’s parents responded.

According to the socialite, the parents of the 18 year-old boy who are celebrities asked her to stop seeking a sexual relationship with their son.

Saw a fine boy on IG, I don’t dm men, but I DMd him like “You so yummy”not knowing he is only 18. I got a DM from his dad and his mom who are big time celebrities telling me to stop being a “COUGAR”. I read and unread. Such Weirdos!” she wrote.

In another post, Ms Monroe went ahead to say that this has not been her habit, and that it was the first time she sent a message to a man, but it out-rightly failed.

She added that she is done Dming people.

I’m done! First DM attempt fail,” she said.

This is not the first time the Socialite and business woman has openly expressed herself whenever she likes someone.


A few days ago, she also disclosed that she regrets tattooing her Body.

Through her Insta-stories, Ms Monroe mentioned that she was warned before getting the tattoos but she never listened.

She further advised that young people should always listen to their elders when they are told not to do somethings.


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