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Willy Paul threatens to pull out gun after heated confrontation [Video]

Willy Paul drama continues!

Willy Paul threatens to pull out gun after heated confrontation

Controversial singer Willy Paul a.k.a Willypozze was caught on camera threatening to pull out his gun, after a heated confrontation with an unknown man over parking space.

In the video, the Malingo singer is seen leaving his car and then tries to pull out his gun after asking the unknown man if it would be wrong if he shot the guy for attacking him.

A group of people who were around then tried to stop him from drawing his gun asking him to calm down.


Boss si umeniattack ndio nakuuliza tukipigana risasi hapa kuna shida?” Willy Paul is heard saying.

He then shouted ordering them to stop recording him, as the altercation continued.


This comes a few days after the controversial singer in a post seen by shared a picture of a gun on his Instagram page.


He then captioned the picture with the words, “I LOVE TOYS” before he later on deleted it.

Hitting a woman

In October last year, Willypozee was the talk of town for some time, after a video of him hitting a woman went viral.

In the video recorded by on-looking neighbours, an irritated Willy Paul fought off security guards who had blocked him from getting to an unknown lady, before he snatched her phone and smashed it on the ground.


He later on said it was one of the scenes in his upcoming reality TV show that involved money and drama.

Aaah hiyo story sikutaka itoke hivyo but juu sasa watu wamejua, hiyo ni Reality Show yangu inacome SOON itahusu money, fights, drama na vitu kama hizo,” he said.


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